Care report

In your role as faculty or staff, you may be the first to notice a student who is experiencing difficulty or distress. When distress interferes with a student’s ability to focus on their courses, they may require additional support. When encountering students who appear to be struggling, faculty, staff and other students make their best efforts to provide direct support to these individuals and, where appropriate, make referrals to campus services.

It is always best to try to talk to the student yourself first. You have a relationship with them and showing concern may help the student take the next step they need to get help. For more information on how to best help a student, review the Supporting a Student in Distress resource on DC Connect. In the event you remain concerned about a struggling student, you may make a record of the incident or conversation by filling out this CARE REPORT form.

The Care Report is designed to support faculty and staff in helping students who exhibit behaviours that show they need support. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use the form to provide helpful information to Student Affairs & Services about a student who exhibits concerning behaviours. 

The Associate Director of Student Affairs will review every report submitted and work with key departments and supports to develop intervention strategies on a case-by-case basis that will provide the student and the campus community with the best level of support.

You can also contact the Associate Director of Student Affairs directly for consultation at 604-527-5798.

Why should I send a Care Report?

At Douglas, each of us has a duty to care about the well-being of others in the campus community.

Submitting a report:

  • Helps to ensure that the student gets the coordinated support that they need as quickly as possible
  • Enables members of the campus community to identify their concerns in a quick and secure way

When should I submit a report?

A report can be submitted when:

  • A student displays concerning behaviour such as expressions of hopelessness or serious emotional difficulties, but you have no reason to believe they represent an immediate threat to themselves or others.
  • You have tried other means of resolving the issue with little or no success.
  • The student has indicated that they do not plan on accessing supports, but you are still worried about them.
  • You believe that a student is in need of coordinated support.

Do I need a student’s permission to submit a Care Report?

It is best practice to tell the student that you will be sharing your concerns with Student Affairs & Services so that they can ensure the student is receiving all of the support they need. However, this conversation is not always feasible, and you are not required to get the student’s permission to share your concerns with another employee at the College, as long as the reason you are sharing this information is to support the student’s success. Student confidentially is maintained throughout the support process and information will be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis, and in alignment with College policies and provincial privacy legislation.

What happens after I submit a Care Report?

The Associate Director (AD), Student Affairs, will review the report and check to see if any other concerns have been brought forward for the same student. The AD will follow up with you if additional information is needed. The AD will use all of the available information to determine the next best steps to support the student. To protect student confidentiality and privacy, information will only be shared with others at the College who have a role to directly support the student (e.g., the students’ counsellor or Enrolment Services Advisor).

If you believe that a student's behaviour is an imminent threat to self or others or the campus premises, please dial 911 or call Campus Security immediately. 


This process protects student’s privacy by providing a secure way for concerns to be identified, coordinated and responded to. Information is restricted to the SAS team who are responsible for coordinating information and providing outreach. The information is shared on a need-to-know basis, meaning that only the amount of information needed to effectively support the student is shared with those directly involved in offering the support. The system is closed, and all records are kept confidential.

Care Report form