Let's DO respect

Consent, Respect and Sexual Violence Prevention

“Let’s DO Respect” is a campaign initiated by Student Life and the Office for Student Support and Conduct. Together, we can create and maintain a respectful, inclusive environment where students understand and promote consent. Where all members of the Douglas community work to end sexual violence, racism, homophobia and transphobia. Where all students, faculty and staff embrace inclusion, diversity, dignity and respect.

Our community matters

Every one of us is responsible for treating our peers, fellow students, faculty and staff with dignity and respect. Respect is demonstrated in a variety of ways, in class, in line getting a coffee, on transit and out with our friends. Respect can inspire us to always do the right thing, to show we have integrity and are willing to step up and do the right things even when it’s hard.  

When we feel safe, treated fairly and with dignity and respect we feel better. Respect is also about celebrating the positive qualities that we hope to model for our fellow students and friends. It is our hope that by promoting campus respect and civility we can contribute to positive student conduct.

This website provides students with resources, information and materials so that you can learn more about setting a positive tone on campus.