Up and Coming Leaders of the Year

Up and Coming Leaders of the Year

This award is meant to celebrate students who have shown a commitment to the Douglas College community in a volunteer or student assistant capacity. Going above and beyond to create good experiences for others, being a positive role model and creating a community on campus, are some of the criteria taken into consideration for award recipients

Awards Amounts

There are non-monetary awards

Eligibility Criteria

  • Has held a student assistant or volunteer role on campus.  
  • Has made a positive impact to the student experience by creating a community on campus above and beyond expectations.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and a commitment to improving the student experience at Douglas College. 

Award Nomination

If you know a student who meets the eligibility for this award please click HERE to nominate them.

Nominations close on Friday March 5th, 2021

If you have any questions about this award, please contact Student Life Coordinator Stephanie Glover at: sglover3@douglascollege.ca