Skills for Success / Essential Skills


was launched by the government of Canada on May14, 2021 to update the existing Essential Skills framework. The new skills model reflects the skills needed for the Canadian workplace, rapidly evolving labour market, and changing world.

Skills for Success:

  • are the skills needed to participate and thrive in learning, work, and life;
  • include skills that are foundational for building other skills and knowledge and important for effective social interaction;
  • are inclusive and can be adapted to different contexts.

Employment and Social Development Canada, 2021

There are nine Skills for Success that are used in every occupation at varying degrees of complexity:

Adaptability Collaboration Communication
Creativity and Innovation Digital Numeracy
Problem Solving Reading Reading

Who benefits from Skills for Success?’

  • Employers to improve safety and productivity and help employees adapt to change;
  • Educators help learners recognize and build on their existing skills;
  • Employment and Career Counsellors help individuals prepare for career pathways and jobs;
  • Individuals assess and enhance their career opportunities and potential for advancement.

Hear what students say about Skills for Success, formerly Essential Skills:

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