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1. The Role of Management, Leadership, and Coaching 
(September 15, 2021 – CRN# 31174)

Essential Skills For Supervisors

Many Supervisors in the workplace today have never received any formal supervisory training for their role. They may have been a great employee, which is usually the reason they were promoted, but moving from managing yourself to supervising other people can be an incredible leap. This workshop is designed for both new and experienced Supervisors who wish to move beyond basic management skills and develop strong abilities to better lead their teams and shape their corporate culture.

This workshop links theory to practice with hands-on, action-based essential skills focused on:

  • Differentiation of roles;
  • Developing consistent attitudes with flexible strategies;
  • A CLEAR coaching model;
  • Leadership Styles;
  • Leadership and Coaching Self-Assessment; and
  • The language of leadership.

2. Resolving Conflicts and Difficult Situations
(September 22, 2021 – CRN# 31175)

Challenging situations are a fact of life in any workplace. These situations arise for a variety of reasons including our own or other people’s behaviours, conflicts of interest, personality clashes, errors, and a variety of unexpected circumstances. If managed well, they can have a powerful and positive effect. But if managed poorly, or ignored, they can be disastrous for business as conflicts negatively affect staff morale, efficiency, and commitment. In this highly interactive workshop geared specifically for Supervisors, participants will not only learn effective strategies to resolve conflicts and difficult situations with sensitivity and respect, they will also participate in active role-playing to hone their skills.

In this highly interactive workshop geared specifically for Supervisors, participants will not only learn effective strategies to resolve conflicts and difficult situations with sensitivity and respect, but they will also participate in active role-playing to hone their skills. During the workshop, participants will explore:

  • The Opportunity of Conflict;
  • Elements of effective communication during a conflict;
  • ‘Response-ability’, or your ability to respond;
  • Effective strategies for different circumstances;
  • Breakthrough communication, the ‘Trust Effect’ and gaining resolution;
  • Courageous Conversations; and
  • Applying different strategies to handle demanding situations.

3. Rethinking Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World
(September 29, 2021 – CRN# 31182)

COVID-19 has changed what business leadership looks like, now and for the foreseeable future. And it’s important to understand that your pre-pandemic leadership style and strategies, that once worked well, may not be effective now. 

To be the type of leader that motivates, encourages, engages, and guides employees to feel empowered, 
innovative, excited, loyal, and productive during these times of continuous change, you will need to shift both 
your methods as well as your mindset. The ‘Rethinking Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World’ workshop will 
help you build the skills and strategies required to embrace the radical changes that have already happened, 
and the changes to come.  During the workshop, participants will explore:

  • Leading through ‘the shift’
  • Overcoming return-to-work anxieties
  • Shaping team and organizational cultural changes
  • Making sure everyone understands the ‘Why’
  • Work-from-home productivity and autonomy monitoring
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Inspiring Innovation

Location: Room AOT 711, Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC 
Cost: $599 includes all 3 sessions or $249 each session
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Dates: September 15, 22, 29, 2021
Course: Essential Skills for Supervisors Fall 2021


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