Practice Enterprise

for Immigrants and Visible Minorities

Gain Canadian Work Experience through Participation in a Virtual Business and launch your Career!

Practice Enterprise Employment Program

The Practice Enterprise will support participants to gain Canadian work experience in a virtual or simulated business-to-business environment. Participants will take on work roles where they gain hands-on skills from selecting one of the options in Administration, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, or IT. They will also develop technical and soft skills, and cultural awareness and competencies to better prepare themselves to find and keep a meaningful job. The project will participate in the Canadian Practice Enterprise Network (CPEN) which provides the virtual economy through which Participants gain work experience in a no-risk environment.

WHAT is the Program?

This 12 week program offers participants the opportunity to work in a ‘simulated virtual’ enterprise to gain experience and develop the skills needed for success at work. Program services include:

  • Digital & Foundational Skill Development
  • Understanding Canadian Business Practices and Processes
  • Occupation Specific Practices
  • Expansion of Professional and Community Networks
  • Job Search Strategies/ Job Placement Support

WHO is it for?

Individuals who:

  • Are recent Immigrants (within last 10 years) 
  • Visible Minority
  • Unemployed or Precariously employed (part time, casual, seasonal)
  • BC residents & Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents or Protected Persons eligible to work

HOW? Delivered in-person & Online

Encore Careers Funder


July 26, 2021


Future Classes

October 12, 2021

January 10, 2022

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