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University West (UW)

University West is a modern university with about 11,500 students and welcomes around 200 exchange students each year.  It's located in Trollhättan near the southwest coast of Sweden and 40 minutes by train from Gothenburg. Two Douglas College students, normally in the 2nd year of their study, can study there for 2 semesters, or 4 students at 1 semester each.

Courses are offered in the fields of Business and EconomicsSocial ScienceComputer Science and ITMediaEngineeringTeaching and Language. The university also offers a number of international Master's Programmes in Business and ManagementInformation Systems and Engineering, as well as one Bachelor's Programme in Political Science and Economics.  All are taught in English.  

Academic year is divided into two semesters: Spring semester (January - June) and Autumn semester (August - January). Find out what courses are offered in each semester from their website.

To obtain an Outgoing Exchange Application form and find out if you're eligible visit our outgoing exchange website.

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