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Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC)

UVIC-UCC's campus is located near Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, and offers courses in English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan.  The cultural activities of the city of Vic and its proximity to Barcelona create a city-university environment that is well-suited to study, research and personal growth.

Douglas College students can choose to study courses in Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, Business, and Arts & Humanities.  You can find out what courses UVIC-UCC offers by visiting the Courses for International Exchange Students page of their website.  Students can attend UVIC-UCC in either of their two semesters: 1st (Autumn) Semester starting in September or 2nd (Spring) Semester starting in January.  

To obtain an Outgoing Exchange Application form and find out if you're eligible visit our outgoing exchange website.  

UVIC-UCC's International Exchange page also provides important information about accommodation and transport, health insurance and visas, their academic calendar, and you can view their student Handbook.

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