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Satakunta University of Applied Science (SAMK)

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) has three major campuses located in the region of Satakunta on the west coast of Finland.  SAMK is a multi-disciplinary higher education institution that offers both bachelor and master degree programs to about 6,500 Finnish students and 300 international students.  Up to 2 full-time undergraduate Douglas College students, normally in their 2nd year of study, can attend SAMK for 1 semester each, or 1 student for 2 semesters.  Almost all classes are offered in English.

To obtain an Outgoing Exchange Application form and find out if you're eligible visit our outgoing exchange website.  

Douglas College students can take courses in the following SAMK offerings (campus).  

  • International Business (Rauma)
  • Business Administration (Pori)
  • Business Logistics (Rauma)
  • Business Information Systems (Pori)
  • Tourism (Pori)
  • Fine Arts (Kankaanpää)
  • Health Care (Pori and Rauma)
  • Physiotherapy (Pori)
  • Information Technology (Pori)
  • Chemical Engineering (Pori)
  • Total Quality Management (Pori)
  • Environmental Engineering (Pori)
  • Maritime Management (Rauma)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Automation / Electrical Engineering

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