Think Nature

Education is an important aspect of the Institute of Urban Ecology's mandate to preserve and enhance the natural environment in urban areas. We believe that by raising public awareness of nature in the city, we can inspire people to think about how their choices affect the urban environment. Simply getting people to notice the plants and animals living outside their doorsteps is a step in the right direction. In the end, we try to promote a better understanding of nature in the city and of how individuals can make a difference in their own homes and communities.

We have adapted this years workshops to all be delivered online.  Follow along and chat live with an IUE coordinator or choose the flexibility of an asynchronous workshop video. 

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Workshops for 2020/21

Our programs are available FREE OF CHARGE (except where noted) to school and community groups in the Lower Mainland.  Our environmental education programs include a variety of workshop topics, from wildlife to wetlands, stream ecology to backyard habitat.  No need to travel, our educators come to you!