What BPA alumni are saying about this unique degree program

"What I found most helpful for me in the BPA was that it helped me define who I was as a unique artist and made me more confident that my own interests were worth pursuing."

"I got accepted in the MA: Comparative Media Arts program at SFU!"

"I'm currently working on my next CD. Life is very busy but I really believe a lot of this success is from the BPA. It really was those classes that helped me figure out what necessary to do be successful by your own terms. I see all the success my classmates are having and can't wait to see what the next few years have in store."

"Since graduating from the first BPA class, I've moved to New York and am currently studying at Circle in the Square Theatre School! Besides that, I'm just finding other ways to work on my craft and use what I learned in the BPA program to further my career!"

"In the BPA program I learned more about collaboration and to have my own voice in a room full of other artists. Working under short deadlines and not being afraid to throw away what doesn't work to allow space for what does."

"The BPA started out as just a fast-track to a degree, for me, but that is the absolute last thing on my list of accomplishments I took from the program. The creation, learning to express myself, working as a creative team all mean so much more to me than a degree (though I'm glad I have it!!)."

"Explore. Take chances. Listen ... your cohorts and professors will teach you so much about yourself and your art."

BPA Grad Cathy Wilmot

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