Step Up Project

Through STEP UP (Student Teams Exploring Pervasive Urban Problems) students will practice teamwork skills and apply the knowledge they gain in class as they explore the unique challenges of urban environments. They will gather data and create group projects about challenges such as traffic congestion, homelessness, affordability, sustainability, poverty, crime, social inclusion and/or inequality, among others. This may include presenting their findings to their class, members of the Douglas College community, and others.

Students who are enrolled in a STEP UP course and who successfully complete a group project and the course may be eligible to receive a cash award. Student teams who create the best projects will also be invited to participate in a presentation event where presenting groups are adjudicated for scholarships. Funding for STEP UP awards and scholarships is generously supported by the R. Howard Webster Foundation and the Douglas College Foundation.


Students who meet the eligibility requirements below will receive this award. The amount of the award received by each student will depend on whether that student is full-time (taking at least 9 credit hours) or part-time (taking fewer than 9 credit hours) as well as the overall number of eligible students. Previous recipients have received between $50 to $500.

In order for students to be eligible for the award, they need to:

  • Earn at least a C+ on their group project
  • Earn at least a C as their final course grade


STEP UP Scholarship

Based on faculty/instructor recommendations, student teams who create the best projects in STEP UP courses are invited to give project presentations to other students, faculty, and community members. Previous winners have received between $250 to $1000 per student, depending on the quality of their presentations as well as their status as a part-time or full-time student.

In order for students to be eligible for the scholarship, they need to:

  • Earn at least a C as their final course grade
  • Be nominated by their course instructor/faculty member to present
  • Present their projects at a presentation event
  • Be selected by an adjudicating panel to receive a scholarship


Participating Courses

The STEP UP project has been incorporated into the curriculum of designated sections of the following courses. To verify whether a section has been designated as STEP UP, please contact the course instructor.

  • CRIM 3385           Community Crime Prevention - C. Pawlychka 
  • GEOG 1130           Human Impact on the Environment - M. McPhee
  • GEOG 1150           Geographies of Metro Vancouver - R. Sumartojo 
  • GEOG 2213           Social Geography - S. Paynter 
  • GEOG 2311            Urban Environmental Sustainability - M. McPhee 
  • HIST 1105              Global Issues in Historical Perspective - J. Brooks and C. Beninger 
  • HUMS 1400          Urban Challenges - R. Sumartojo and E. Rossiter
  • PHIL 1102              Values and Contemporary Issues - E. Rossiter
  • PHIL 1122               Business Ethics - E. Rossiter
  • PSYC 2207            Introduction to Educational Psychology - A. MacGregor 
  • GSWS 1101             Contemporary Issues in Gender, Sexualities and Women's Studies - S. Paynter

  • ENGL 1130 Academic Writing  Available in future semesters 

How do I register?

STEP UP participating courses are all open enrolment. Register for any of the above courses through myAccount during your assigned registration period.


Want more information?

For more information about the STEP UP project, please contact Rini Sumartojo at or contact the individual course instructors.
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