Our mission is to address sexual violence in all its physical and virtual forms in university contexts. We achieve this through evidence-based research and partnered collaborations to inform policies that protect and support survivors and ensure due process for alleged perpetrators. Our project will facilitate the fostering of inclusive learning environments that are free of intersecting forms of discrimination and violence. Our partners, academics and graduate researchers are committed to creative, innovative and critical academic engagement through legal, arts and media literacy to mobilize sustainable and strategic policy and curriculum models that guide university leaders and their communities, and inspire society at large.

Douglas College IMPACTS Research Team

Faculty Members
  • Dr. Karyn Audet, Psychology
  • Ms. Carla Hotel, Criminology
  • Dr. Lisa Smith, Sociology
Student Research Assistants
  • Ana Brito
  • Seren Friskie
  • Sunny Manhas


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Douglas College works in partnership thanks to McGill University.

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