Jeremy Jackson

Position: Instructor

Department: Psychology/Social Science

Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: NW N3428

Office Phone: (604) 527-5437


Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D, Simon Fraser University
  • M.A., Simon Fraser University
  • B.A., Simon Fraser University

Academic and Professional Profile

Dr Jackson received his PhD in 1996. The central thesis of his work was that measurement practices in psychology, including construct validation, the act frequency approach, and Guttman's Facet Theory, rest on a flawed logical foundation. Drawing from Wittgenstein's philosophy of psychology, Dr Jackson showed that the rule-guided nature of measurement is absent in all measurement theories currently employed in psychology. This, he argued, renders most psychometric methodology inappropriate to the measurement problems it is used to address. A target article arising from this work appeared in Personality and Individual Differences in 1996. Following receipt of his PhD, DPhilosophy of language, philosophy of science,r Jackson began work as a statistical consultant for the Breast Tumour Group of the BC Cancer Agency. In this capacity, Dr Jackson authored and coauthored numerous research articles on both breast and prostate cancer. Just prior to leaving the BCCA in 2000, Dr Jackson was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2001, Dr Jackson became Vice President of research at Scottworks Solutions Inc. In this capacity he consulted to TD Bank, Intra-west, Deloitte and Touche, Sears, and many other organizations on employee and customer measurement. As VP of Research, Dr Jackson developed one of the first ever online survey, analysis and reporting tools. This tool was used to conduct the most comprehensive employee survey ever conducted during the merger of TD Bank and Canada Trust. In 2006, Dr Jackson accepted an appointment at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC. He is now full faculty in the department of psychology at Douglas College. In 2009, with the technical support of Mr Christopher Jennings, a former Douglas College student, Dr Jackson launched the Canadian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The CJHSS is a peer reviewed online journal publishing articles on a wide range of topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2011, Dr Jackson stepped down as editor of the CJHSS. Dr Jackson has published over 15 academic articles and book chapters. Subjects include psychometrics, measurement theory, surgical oncology, philosophy of science, risk taking, and sensation seeking. He currently teaches statistics, research methods, and the philosophy and history of science. Dr Jackson is also the owner of a statistical consulting company called Metrix Consulting. Metrix Consulting has worked with numerous national and multinational corporations on a wide range of projects that involve psychological measurement and data analysis. His clients include TDCT, Deloitte and Touche, The Government of Canada, Douglas College, Lasso, Wray Consulting, and The McKinley Group.

Teaching Concentrations

Philosophy of language, philosophy of science, measurement theory, multivariate data analysis, psychometrics, statistics.


  • PSYC 3309
  • PSYC 3301
  • PSYC 2300

Research/Clinical Activities

Dr Jackson’s primary interest is in the relationship between language and science. He has written a number of recent articles on the way in which linguistic misuse has caused psychiatry and areas of psychology to fundamentally misrepresent the nature of mental illness and misinform patients and the general public about the nature the psychological problems with which they struggle.

Open to Supervising Honours Students for 2021-22: YES

Professional Affiliations and Community Service

2006 - 2011, Editor, Canadian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Hobbies and interests

Landscape photography. Website:

Selected Refereed Publications:

Jackson, J. S. H. (2010). Metaphysics masquerading as science. The Canadian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(1), 56-84.

Jackson, J. S. H., et al (2000). A decision analysis of the effect of avoiding axillary lymph node dissection in low risk women with invasive breast carcinoma. Cancer, 88(8), 1852-1862.

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