Book of Miriam

by Leonard Angel

Mosaic Press 1997

A vegetarian, meditation-centered non-violent version of the Torah. The Book of Miriam tells the story of the discovery of an ancient Woman's Bible, and presents the entire text, which parallels, section by section, the narratives of the Torah, from a beautifully spiritual viewpoint.

"A wonderful work! and complex...this book will be a much treasured resource..."  - Rabbi David Wolfe-Blank, author/editor of The Meta-Siddur

"Profound...The lyrical narrative, told from a feminine perspective will help to heal those who resonate with Biblical metaphor but struggle with the stories it is wrapped in."  - Rabbi Leah Novick, author of 'Rebbitzen, Queen of Belz'

"Fascinating...The Book of Miriam provides constant instruction, entertainment, and mental exercise."  - Hugo Meynall, author of The Intelligible Universe

"The Book of Miriam consistently and lovingly shows the woman's path. This will be an inspiring and valuable resource for many both secular and religious"  - Gloria Levi, co-author Challenges of Later Life series

"Philosopher Leonard Angel has written what is certainly one of the most innovative and compelling reinterpretations of the Torah in many years...Every page of his work deepens our sense of the possibilities..."  - Tikkun Magazine Sept/Oct 1998