Geography Open Labs

Contacting your lab technicians for assistance

If you need to reach Sabrina and Sasha for assistance, they are available remotely from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. These are the ways to get in touch with them:


The Lab Technicians will read and respond to emails during the times listed above. If you send an email outside of the times posted above, do not expect a response until the following day. Please be patient as the Lab Technicians may be dealing with multiple emails, they will try their best to respond in a timely matter. Be sure to provide accurate details on dates and times to set up appointments in order for the Lab Technicians to maximize their presence for all students in the department.

Sabrina Henwood:

Sasha Djakovic:


If your inquiry requires explanation in more detail than an email, our Lab Technicians are happy to assist you via Zoom. The Lab Technicians have a virtual whiteboard set up via Zoom and can provide drawings to further explain concepts for students. Geography requires a lot of visual explanations on concepts, and our department does not want to void the students from that style of teaching due to the remote learning. Sabrina and Sasha are always happy to assist students, please do not hesitate to set up a video-conference appointment if you have any questions.