Strong Start Mentorship Program

What is the Strong Start Mentorship Program:

The Mentorship Program helps to welcome and orient new international students to Douglas College. New international students will have the opportunity to be matched and connected with returning senior students called Student Mentors. Student Mentors will help guide mentees by sharing experiences, providing social connection and important student life information. 

Mentors help new students by answering questions about Douglas College or re-directing them to contact essential Douglas College services, New International student essentials including medical insurance, how to navigate the website, how to find textbooks and tips on preparing for a virtual education.



Create early connections from mentor to mentee and provide new international students the support and guidance they need to transition to Canada, BC, and Douglas College.

  • Help orient students to Douglas College services.
  • Support a peer-to-peer network between new students.
  • Reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation among new students.
  • Increase intercultural communication skills and competency for all participants.

Meet some of our mentors, here to explain more about the program:


If you have questions about the program, please contact us here

Important Dates for the Summer 2021 Program: 

* Dates are tentative

April 16th

Registration opens for volunteer mentors.

April 23rd

Registration opens for mentees.

May 3rd

First day of the program; matching begins.

May 10th

Summer Semester begins.

May 27th

Speed Meeting Virtual Event (All participants).

June 11th

Last day to register as a mentor or a mentee.

June 25th

Team building and networking event (Mentors only).

July 20th*

Skill-building event and program check-in (Mentors only).

August 6th

Final celebration (All participants)*.

August 19th

Last day of the program.