Living in Vancouver

Living in Vancouver is a rewarding experience. However, rentals and accommodation can be difficult to secure. There are many options for students but be sure to go through a reputable housing management company to protect yourself from fraud or mistreatment from landlords. 

Douglas College does not endorse any of the companies on the list. It is solely up to students to choose any service that is appropriate for them or meets their needs.

Accommodation and Housing


Crime happens everywhere. Thefts, pick-pocketing and small crimes occur from time to time. For your information, Vancouver Police Department has provided the following website with tips and helpful information to stay safe in Vancouver. 


Getting around the Vancouver area is easy with our efficient public transportation system, known as TransLink. As part of your student fees, you have paid for a U-Pass, a transit discounted passes for post-secondary students which is loaded on a Compass Card (the image on the right) each month.

Your U-Pass provides unlimited access to bus, SeaBus, and SkyTrain services within the Vancouver area. To begin accessing the public transportation system, purchase a Compass Card at any SkyTrain station or one of these retailers and load your U-Pass BC onto it.

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