Enrollment Status for International Students

Enrollment status is important to keep in mind when considering your working eligibility, Post-Graduation Work Permit, or taking time away from studies.

Part-time vs Full-time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment means registering and completing a minimum of 9 credits per academic semester. If a student withdraws or receives a W, UN, UNW, FD, or AUD the course will NOT count towards the full-time course load. International students are recommended to complete a minimum of 24 credits per calendar year. We also recommend students to complete their program within the program length. For example, students should complete a 2-year Diploma program in 2 years. 

During Fall and Winter semesters, students should be enrolled full-time in order to maintain working eligibility. Please visit the working page for international students for more info about eligibility.  All Hospitality students should register and complete a minimum of 24 credits per year. To meet the Hospitality full-time requirements, additional credits taken during summer semester can count toward full-time enrollment for Fall and Winter semesters. Hospitality students must still maintain 9 credits minimum during Fall and Winter semesters. Please visit the Hospitality program page for more info. 


Scheduled Breaks

Scheduled Breaks are defined as Summer semesters, unless Summer is your first or last semester, and the time between semesters from the day AFTER the exam period until the first day of class of the next semester. Students are required to enroll in the preceding and following semesters of a scheduled break. This applies to MOST programs at Douglas with some exceptions. If you choose to take 2 PDD programs back to back, you may take one semester off between them. All PDD and Certificate programs do not have a scheduled break during Summer unless it is between 2 x PDD programs back-to-back.