When to apply

Applying early – why it's important

Applying early can make a difference. It allows time to ensure your application is complete and all documentation is received. And, some limited enrolment programs may offer early seats to qualified applicants. Programs only accept applications until they are filled. So don't wait – apply now!

The last day to apply online for Fall is September 11th. 

Students applying for Fall 2020 online between August August 18 and September 11 must send their required documentation for admission immediately.  We do not guarantee acceptance for the Fall semester if your required documentation is delayed.  

We are currently accepting transcripts by mail and directly from the Ministry of Education, secondary schools and and other post-secondary institutions.  To ensure the most efficient delivery of your transcript to Douglas College, we recommend applicants order an official transcript to be send directly to Douglas College from the sending institution.

What is the first day you can apply?

You can generally apply up to 11 months in advance for a given semester on the first business day of the first month. 

Semester Opening Dates
Winter Semester: (Jan-Apr) First Day Applications Accepted – February 1 (preceding year)
Summer Semester: (May-Aug) First Day Applications Accepted – June 1 (preceding year)
Fall Semester: (Sept-Dec) First Day Applications Accepted – October 1 (preceding year)