Computer-based English Assessment

Please be advised that Douglas College has temporarily suspended face-to-face student services. The Computer-based English Assessment is currently offered online via Zoom using your personal computer and web camera.

Please note that Blackboard no longer supports Internet Explorer but the use of Chrome or Firefox.

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The English Upgrading Assessment is a placement test to determine which level of English Upgrading (ENGU) to register for. Please contact the English Upgrading Department by email at

The Douglas College Computer-based English Assessment is a threshold test to obtain :

    • An approved substitution for English 12 "C" or higher to meet the College's English Language Competency Requirement, College-level Admission to programs 
    •  An approved pre-requisite substitution for registration into first-year English, Communications and Creative Writing course(s).

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What to bring to the test 

Please bring:

  • Photo identification (for example: Douglas College student card, current driver's license or passport)
  • Your student Number
  • A pen
  • An English Language dictionary when come to take the assessment

 It is strongly recommended that you come prepared with a dictionary, it is to your advantage to do so.


  • No electronic or translation dictionaries
  • No thesaurus/dictionaries
  • No synonym/dictionaries are allowed.
  • No dictionaries with built in sentence structure, grammar, punctuation usage, or writing styles.

Please check the front, middle and back to ensure these are not included, as they will not be permitted)

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Preparation for test

Sample questions covering reading comprehension and sample essay writing (called WritePlacer) can be found at the Accuplacer site.

Once you are there, click on the link Accuplacer site and then scroll down the page to Next-Generation Reading Sample Questions. At the same link scroll down to WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays. This information is very useful in helping to prepare for the assessment and is to your advantage to do so.

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Test results

The result of this Assessment will usually be given to you after completion of the assessment, and are also forwarded directly to the Registrar’s Office. In some instances your results may take twenty-four (24) hours. Results are valid for four years.

Please note, you may not register in any college-level credit courses before completing the necessary upgrading or meeting one of the other language-proficiency requirements listed in the General College Admission Requirements.

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Waiting period for Computer-based English assessment rewrites

If you do not meet the assessment standard you are encouraged to take the opportunity to upgrade your skills in ELLA or ENGU courses. You must wait until at least the final drop date (approximately week 9) of the following semester before retaking the Computer-based English assessment.

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Maximum number of Computer-based English assessment attempts

You may attempt the Computer-based English assessment a maximum of twice in two years. However, if you first take the ELLA or ENGU assessment, without having attempted the Computer-based English assessment, you will be eligible to take the Computer-based English assessment only once. The ELLA or ENGU assessment counts as the first attempt, and the Computer-based English assessment counts as the second.

Alternately, if you take the Computer-based English assessment first, and then attempt the ELLA or ENGU assessment, you will not be eligible to take the Computer-based English assessment again. The Computer-based English assessment counts as the first attempt, and the ELLA or ENGU assessment(s) will count as the second. 

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Test Schedule

Please follow the steps on - Assessment Testing Information to book your exam.

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How to book an assessment

Visit our How to Book an Assessment test page.

Please note that registration or cancellation of assessments must be done 24 (business) hours in advance of the scheduled date and time.

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Summer 2021 - REGISTRATION HAS NOW RE-OPENED. We have added an additional 25 seats to our capacity for the summer. 

Summer 2021 testing between May 5 and August 25, 2021 by appointment only.


In-person testing between September 7 and December 15, 2021 as per scheduled date, time and location. Go to assessment testing schedule.