Academic Integrity Resources for Students


Why does Academic Integrity matter to me?

“Academic integrity matters to me because it guarantees that I’m learning as much as I can. Without it, my education would be in jeopardy. I learn deeply when I research and give credit where credit is due—which gives the opportunity for others to learn from my work as well. Additionally, it helps motivate me to study and really learn the material, which is a great skill to have for my entire education.” -Ariel Buxton, peer tutor

“Academic Integrity is important to me as a student because it allows me to interact and collaborate with sources, other academics or other students, while giving them the credit they deserve. It also creates a level playing field within the College environment. Given all the same resources and the same information, it is up to the individual to filter that information through their point of view, then compare, contrast and think critically about that information.”  - Jackkson Newton, peer tutor and Douglas student

“Academic integrity matters to me because I can develop my critical thinking, utilize what I have learnt at the College to apply it to the real word situation. When I can do research on case study analysis, it reflects what I learnt from class, how I can improve my analysis skills as well as build a solid foundation for my career. It motivates me to study and explore new things rather than copy someone's ideas.” -Henry Ngo, peer tutor and Douglas student