Humanities and Social Sciences scholarships


Brodie Osborne-Campbell Memorial Scholarship

This endowment fund was established in 2007 to honour the life of Brodie Osborne-Campbell, a 15-year-old Grade 10 student at Charles Best Secondary in Coquitlam, who passed away of a bacterial meningitis infection. Brodie was the beloved son, and only child, of Colin Campbell, an instructor in the Douglas College Criminology Department, and Judith Osborne. The purpose of this fund is to recognize the academic achievements of students enrolled in Criminology at Douglas College.

Jack Ferguson Memorial Scholarship

This fund was created by the Douglas College Criminology Department and the friends and family of Jack Ferguson in memory of Jack, a long time faculty member who was instrumental in establishing the Criminology program at the College. The recipient is preferably a Criminology student.



Environmental Programs

BC Hydro Scholarship See Environmental Programs under Science & Technology Scholarships.



Legal Studies

The Notary Foundation and B.C. Notaries Scholarship The Notary Foundation of BC was established 1985 and is the recipient of the interest paid by BC credit unions, Canadian chartered banks and trust companies when clients' funds are held in trust by a BC Notary Public. The Notary Foundation receives and distributes these funds earned each year in accordance with the goals and objectives set by the Board of Governors.  One way they use the funds is to provide scholarships and bursaries to students in colleges and universities taking certain law-related courses. In 2006, The Notary Foundation established The Notary Foundation and BC Notaries Scholarship at Douglas College to recognize and reward students enrolled in the Legal Studies Diploma program. In 2016, the criteria was expanded to include students enrolled in Criminology programs.



Political Science

Mohammad Behzad Alereza Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established in May 2005 by the family of Mohammad Behzad Alereza. Mohammad was a student at the Coquitlam Campus when he died tragically in a car accident. Recipients of the scholarship must be enrolled in the Political Science program at Douglas College in a minimum of 9.0 credits, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5.