Applied Community Studies bursaries


Caroline Chan Memorial Bursary

The Frank Wing Memorial Bursary was established by Caroline and Adrienne Chan, in 1989, to honour their uncle, Frank Wing. The bursary was created to support students in need who are enrolled in programs relating to social services and social sciences at Douglas College with preference given to students of Aboriginal, Asian or South Asian descent. In 2013, Caroline Chan passed away and the bursary was renamed in her memory.

Ethical Waste Services Bursary

Ethical Waste Services owner and Douglas College alumni, Paul MacDonald, created this bursary in 2016 to support students in financial need who are enrolled in programs that focus on working with at-risk youth. Paul is passionate about supporting at-risk youth.

Jason Kress Memorial Bursary

The Jason Kress Memorial Bursary was established initially, in 1999, with the purpose of supporting students in the Child & Youth Care Counsellor (CYCC) or Community Social Service Workers programs (CSSW). In 2018, CSSW was absorbed by the new Social Work Degree program at Douglas College so the award description was updated to reflect this change.

Society for Community Development Bursary

Society for Community Development (SCD) - Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate - was established in 1990 with the goal of fostering and promoting a resilient and healthy Tri-Cities community. It focused on addressing community issues by hosting dialogues and discussions, supporting collaborative tables, and building the bridges that engage all who live, work or play in the Tri-Cities. Among its activities were the Spirit of Community Awards, the Taste of the Tri-Cities, Block Party protocols and advocacy for the homeless. When it ceased to exist in 2014, SCD gave its residual funds to Douglas College Foundation to be used to support students enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Community Studies.

Ted Leung Agency Ltd. Bursary

Ted Leung established this bursary in 2012 to support single parents struggling to continue their education at Douglas College. This bursary hopes to inspire single parents to be contributing members of the community by addressing their financial needs. The Co-operators represented by Ted Leung Agency is committed to bringing co-operative principles to life; addressing economic, environmental and social needs within our community. Ted Leung is actively involved in supporting the community through such organizations as Night Hoops Basketball Youth Program, Douglas College Foundation and Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. Westminster Community Legal Services Society Bursary The Westminster Community Legal Services Society Bursary was established, in 2005, with the purpose of supporting students at Douglas College. Preference is given to single parents and students enrolled in one of the following programs (diploma or degree): Child & Youth Care, Youth Justice, Criminology.



Vocational Education and Skills Training

Adult Special Education Bursary

The Adult Special Education Bursary was created in 2003 by Myrna Popove, former Executive Director of Douglas College Foundation, and Ted James, former Director of Student and Enrollment Services/Registrar. The purpose of this fund is to support students enrolled in any Vocational Education and Skills Training (previously Adult Special Education) program at Douglas College facing financial barriers.

Al Atkinson & Ted James Bursary

In 2004 the Al Atkinson Bursary was created, in honour of Al’s retirement from Douglas College. Al started at Douglas as an instructor in the Learning Assistance department and by the time he retired he was the VP of Educational Services. During his 32 years of service at Douglas Al championed the needs of students who were educationally disadvantaged, and as such, the bursary established in his name supported students engaged in Vocational Education and Skills Training, or VEST, (formerly known as Adult Special Education) programs. In 2014, the bursary was re-named to honour Al’s good friend and fellow former Douglas employee Ted James. Ted worked alongside Al for many years, both sharing a focus on providing assistance and motivation to students with special needs or barriers to employment. The Al Atkinson & Ted James Bursary continues to support VEST students in need at Douglas College.

BC Shopping Centre Association Bursary

The BC Shopping Centre Association created this bursary in 2009 to support students at Douglas College enrolled in either the Retail and Business Services.

Canadian Federation of University Women – Coquitlam Millennium Bursary

This bursary, established in 2000, recognizes and rewards students enrolled in any program within the Faculty of Child, Family & Community Studies who participate in volunteer activities within Douglas College or their community. Preference will be given to students in the Career & Employment Preparation program who are either residents of, or a past graduate from, School District No.43. Compass Group Canada Bursary Compass Group Canada has been a supporter of Douglas College Foundation since 1989. In 2011 the Compass Group Canada Services Bursary and the Compass Group Canada Arts Endowment were combined to form the Compass Group Canada Bursary in support of students enrolled full-time in the Basic Occupational Education program with preference to students in Food Services who have a physical or cognitive disability. As trendsetters in the industry, Compass takes pride in providing the highest quality food service to the Douglas College educational community.

Joan Meister ORW Memorial Fund for Students with Disabilities Bursary

The Joan Meister ORW Memorial Fund for Students with Disabilities Bursary was established in 2004 to recognize and reward students with disabilities enrolled at Douglas College. This would include not only students enrolled in a Vocational Education and Skills Training (VEST) program, but also, students with disabilities enrolled in any program that would support them in achieving their employment goals. In recognition of Joan Meister’s contributions’ to the women’s movement and women with disabilities, preference will be given to female students.

Starlight Casino Bursary

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited DBA Starlight Casino established this annual bursary to assist students in financial need who are enrolled in any Vocational Education and Skills Training, or VEST (formerly Adult Special Education) program at Douglas College. The bursary will be used to assist students who cannot afford basic necessities such as food, rent and course supplies. Starlight Casino and its employees are actively involved in New Westminster and the Metro Vancouver community. The casino has partnered with many local charities, and encourages staff to volunteer for the sheer joy of helping others, knowing that their actions improve quality of life for their employees, partners, and the community. Recipients can be identified by the Financial Aid Office and/or referred by their program administrator.



Child and Youth Care

Colette Sieben Memorial Bursary

In appreciation for Colette's service to the child and youth care profession and her many contributions to the Child and Youth Care program at Douglas College, this bursary is awarded to a deserving student in the Child and Youth Care program. Preference will be given to students who are single parents.

Randall Rhajan Sall Memorial Bursary

The Randall Rhajan Sall Memorial Bursary was established by family and friends in 2007, to honour the memory of Randall (Randy) Sall, a Douglas College Alumnus. Randy received his Certificate in Childcare and later returned as a mature student to obtain his Teaching Degree. By this time, Randy was working full-time while raising four children under the age of 11. This bursary supports students who are pursuing a career as a child and youth counselor or as a teacher and who, like Randy, need to create a positive balance between personal responsibilities and professional goals. Randy was raised in Port Coquitlam and lived in 'PoCo' until his untimely passing in 2007. He was very proud of his hometown. As such, preference is given to mature students and students who live in Port Coquitlam.



Early Childhood Education

Arlene Clay Memorial Bursary In 2012, Douglas College Foundation hosted the first ever Bursary Draw at A Class Act. Proceeds from the tickets sold, plus a generous donation from winning guest Mike Clay, went directly to students in need. Mike named the bursary in memory of his mother, Arlene Clay, a retired School District 43 teacher, who initiated what became a district-wide public speaking program. The Arlene Clay Memorial Bursary provides support to Port Moody residents with a preference to those enrolled in the Future Teachers – Associate of Arts Degree program or Early Childhood Education programs (diploma & certificate) at Douglas College.



Social Work

Daniel B. Clarke Bursary

Daniel Clark began his work with disadvantaged persons while traveling Europe and England in his early adult life. Upon returning to Vancouver he completed the Welfare Aid program and applied to the Department of Human Resources with a goal to create a government funded group home. The purpose was to create a true home setting for disadvantaged residents of Vancouver. As a result, the first group home of the Mainstream Society for Integrated Community Living was established.  When Dan passed away, in 1988, his parents, Patrick and Mary McGarry, and Mainstream Society created this bursary in his memory. The fund originally offered support to Douglas College students enrolled in the Community Support Worker (CSW) Diploma program but when that program was merged, in 2018, into the new Social Work Degree program the criteria was revised to continue its support of Douglas students.



Therapeutic Recreation

Auxiliary To Sunny Hill Health Centre For Children Bursary

Established in 1989 in recognition of excellent practicum work by Douglas College students, the Auxiliary to Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children Bursary supports students with a disability or students training to work with disabled persons in either the Health Care Support Worker or Therapeutic Recreation programs. The Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children is a leader in educating the academic community about child development and rehabilitation and they are proud of their connection to Colleges and Universities across Canada.

George Williams (BCTA) Memorial Bursary (see Health Sciences bursaries)

Ingrid Parsons Memorial Bursary

This bursary is available to a student enrolled in the Therapeutic Recreation program at Douglas College. Preference will be given to mature students.

Linda & George Balzer Family Bursary I

n 2008, Linda and George Balzer established the Linda & George Balzer Family Bursary to support students with financial need enrolled in the Home Care Support Worker, Therapeutic Recreation or other programs in which they are training to help or treat people with brain injuries. Both of Linda’s parents, Beryl and Cy Wales, passed away after falling and incurring head injuries. George & Linda owned BG Controls in Port Coquitlam for 25 years and are both active in the community. Linda is a Rotarian and has sat on many boards, including Douglas College Foundation (2004 to 2010), and George has been the producer of the Summer Sundays Concerts in Port Moody since 2005. In 2019, the criteria was revised to include students in either the Health Care Support Worker program, as it has replaced the Home Care Support Worker program at Douglas, or the Therapeutic Recreation program.

Seniors Services Society Bursary in Memory of Dorothy Stoberg (see Health Sciences bursaries)



Uganda Project

Jennifer A. Wade and Glenda Leznoff Bursary

This bursary was established by Jennifer A. Wade, a long-time human rights advocate, and her friend Glenda Leznoff, an instructor in the Creative Writing Department at Douglas College. This award was created to support Douglas College students who have shown kindness, caring and courage in their endeavours. The Jennifer A. Wade and Glenda Leznoff Bursary is available to students participating in the Uganda Project.



Youth Justice

Bernie Agg Bursary

The Bernie Agg Bursary was established in 2003 by Tim Agg, former Executive Director of PLEA Community Services Society of BC, in honour of his father Bernie Agg’s contributions to youth justice. Bernie was a probation officer, founder of the DARE Program and co-founder of Vancouver’s Step Up School. After Tim’s retirement in 2016, PLEA committed to continuing their support of this bursary with a $1,000 donation annually. The purpose of this bursary is to help reduce the financial barriers faced by students enrolled in the Youth Justice Diploma program.

Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Foundation Bursary

The purpose of this annual fund is to provide a bursary to students enrolled in the Youth Justice program at Douglas College. The bursary will be awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need and holds a minimum GPA of 2.0.