Language, Literature and Performing Arts awards


Kimberley Gail Dowie Award

This award was established by Laura Dowie to honour the life of her daughter, Kimberly Gail. Kim is remembered by her family as an all-star. She was magnanimous and possessed an infectious warmth and irrepressible optimism. While she was up for almost any challenge or adventure, including parachuting, scuba diving and joining in on a flight for a chance to cross the Arctic Circle, she had a passion for music and academia. At the time of her passing in 1975, Kim was studying archaeology and had accepted an offer to participate in an archaeological dig.

Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Award of Distinction

The Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Award of Distinction was established in her memory, in 2007, by her family. Laura was an avid patron of the arts who participated in numerous theatre productions in her community over the years. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward students enrolled in any university transfer Music program, Stagecraft and Event Technology, or Theatre program who demonstrate academic excellence, hard work, leadership and enthusiasm within their area of study.



Community Music School

Chestnut Community Music School Award of Distinction

This endowment was established courtesy of Laura Chestnut’s Estate. Laura was a patron of the Arts both performing and display at Douglas College. All or part of the interest earned annually on the contributed principal of the endowment will be used to provide awards to students enrolled in the Community Music School at Douglas College.



Creative Writing

Maurice Hodgson Creative Writing Award of Distinction

Established in 2003, this award honours Maurice Hodgson, who founded and developed many of the Creative Writing courses at Douglas College (DC). He chaired the Creative Writing department for many years, was largely responsible for ensuring that EVENT Magazine would be housed at DC and founded the PEARLS Anthology for Creative Writing students. Maurice's role in bringing EVENT to DC was one of his proudest moments and a lasting legacy to his tenacity as EVENT continues to be one of the jewels in the DC crown. The award recognizes students who are passionate about writing, demonstrate academic excellence and, upon completion of their two-year Associate of Arts Degree program at DC, plan to enrol in an undergraduate Creative Writing Degree program at any other post-secondary institution.




Essay Prize in Academic Writing: In Honour of Bill MainSally Allan Memorial Award

The purpose of the Essay Prize in Academic Writing: In Honour of Bill Mainy is to recognize and reward a student with the most outstanding essay in their first year of academic writing. Essays are nominated by Academic Writing instructors based on excellence in writing, including argumentation, style, formatting, mechanics, integration and documentation of sources.

Sally Allan Memorial Award

The Sally Allan Memorial Award was established, in 2006, by her daughters and their families. The purpose is to support mature students, with demonstrated financial need, enrolled in English courses at Douglas College. A preference will be given to students with a disability.



I-Care Literacy Program

I-Care Literacy Endowment

In 2000, the Maureen Jaeggle Literacy Endowment was established in memory of Maureen Jaeggle to provide financial assistance to students in the I-CARE program or in Development Studies (DVST) literacy and numeracy classes (courses within the 0100 level). In 2001, the Lesra & Cheryl Martin Literacy Award of Distinction (originally named the Lesra & Cheryl Martin Scholarship) was established to recognize that students who have difficulties with reading, writing and numeracy have unique needs. They need to be able to access resources without written applications and may need "hands on" help to overcome barriers to learning such as some lack of food, child care, bus tickets or bus passes, school supplies or equipment such as glasses and hearing aids.  Students may not have bank accounts or the ability to cash a cheque. In 2015 the two funds were merged to create the I-Care Literacy Endowment. This fund continues to support students engaged in the I-Care program to help them overcome barriers they may have to education.



Modern Languages

The Marie-Claire Chinniah French Book Award of Distinction 

This award was established in honour of retired instructor Marie-Claire Chinniah who devoted her career to the French program at Douglas College. The recipient will have demonstrated outstanding improvement in a French course taken in the current school year and be enrolled as a student at Douglas College when the book is awarded at the end of the Winter Semester. Winners are chosen by French language instructors.




Douglas College Music Award of Distinction

The Douglas College Music Department has established a number of awards throughout the years to celebrate outstanding faculty members. Some examples of these awards are the Walter G. Robertson Memorial Award, established in 1984, the David Peterkin Memorial Music Award of Distinction from 1985, the Len Whiteley Memorial Music Award of Distinction created in 1990 and the Tatsuo Hoshina Voice Award of Distinction from 1998, The purpose of all these awards was to recognize and reward students attending Douglas College in order to further their music education.  Another fund created to support students in pursuit of an education in music is the Dr. G. Herald Keefer Music (Organ) Award of Distinction in 1986. Dr. Keefer was an organ builder and composer. In 2016, the Douglas College Music Department decided to join all five of these funds together and rename the award the Douglas College Music Award of Distinction. This merger will yield a higher annual distributable income from investment and allow the department to grant more substantial awards to deserving students. Each faculty member and Dr. Keefer will continue to be recognized individually for their contributions during the annual Music award ceremony.

Lance Ryan Vocal Achievement Award of Distinction (see graduation awards)

Long & McQuade Award of Distinction

Long & McQuade began supporting students in the Douglas College Music Diploma Program in 2012 by issuing $1000 in gift cards with the purpose of recognizing and rewarding students who exhibit excellence in their musical studies. In 2015 it was decided that this annual support should be recognized as an award rather than a gift-in-kind and the Long & McQuade Award of Distinction was created with a three year commitment from the company.

Music Student Achievement Award of Distinction

The Music Student Achievement Award was established in 1995 with the proceeds from a scholarship benefit concert given by the Canadian guitarist Norbert Kraft and from music faculty contributions. The purpose of the fund is to recognize & reward Music students enrolled in their 2nd year of a University Transfer program who have shown significant musical growth during their time at Douglas College. Successful recipients will have demonstrated outstanding musical and intellectual achievement, a willingness to participate in all areas of the program, and a commitment to their studies through consistent effort and application. With financial need no longer part of the eligibility requirements, this fund was changed to an Award of Distinction in 2016.

Rotary Women's Association Music Award of Distinction

The Rotary Women's Association established this annual award to reward and recognize outstanding students enrolled in the Music Program at Douglas College. Recipients of this award will attend an RWA meeting and showcase their instrumental or vocal talents by way of a performance. The successful candidate will be in good academic standing at the College, enrolled full-time in the University Transfer Music program in either first or second year of their studies, but should have completed at least one semester of study in the Music Program. Preference will be given to candidates in financial need. No application required; selection is made by Music faculty.

Silverman Music Award of Distinction

The Silverman Music Award of Distinction was established by Ellen Silverman, former Chair of the Music department, and her husband Robert in 1990. The purpose of this award is to recognize & reward students who have completed their first year of studies at Douglas College and intend to further their music education.



Music Technology

Music Technology Diploma Award of Distinction

The Music Technology Diploma Award of Distinction was established in 2018 by the Douglas College Music Department to encourage student enrollment in the Music Technology Diploma program.

Music Therapy

Amanda Todd Legacy Music Therapy Award of Distinction

The Amanda Todd Legacy Society established this award, in 2018, to pay tribute to, and honour, Amanda Todd, who died in 2012. Amanda is described as “a transformative angel” who loved music and wanted to one day see her name in lights. After the National Arts Centre's production of "Life Reflected", which included the composition "My Name is Amanda Todd", composed by Jocelyn Morlock, Carol Todd, Amanda's mother, was inspired to recognize and support Music Therapy students at Douglas College who are pursuing a career of helping those who are the most vulnerable.



Performing Arts

Bruce McMillan Performing Arts Award

Family and friends of Bruce McMillan established this award in his memory. Candidates  are chosen from the Douglas College Performing Arts Program and will have maintained a high level of proficiency in performance and academic subjects. Paramount Studios kindly made a donation to this award in 2010.

Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society Award of Distinction 

The annual RAYMOND BURR PERFORMING ARTS SOCIETY AWARD OF DISTINCTION was established by the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society to perpetuate the legacy of the Society’s objective to "encourage the development of performing arts in the community". The award was an extension of internships program offered by the Burr Theatre Program from 2000 through 2006, inclusive.  The Society continued this legacy of promoting and facilitating performing arts and artists at Douglas College by establishing their annual $500 award in 2010. The purpose of this fund was to support students beyond their first year of studies in either the Stagecraft & Event Technology or Theatre Diploma programs. In 2017, the Society initiated the BURR 100 fundraising effort to perpetuate and expand the Douglas College award program through an endowment in honor of Raymond Burr's life-long passion and commitment to Theatre Arts, and to commemorate his 100th birthday.



Professional Communication

Carly Reid Memorial Award

The Carly Reid Memorial Award was created in 2006 in memory of Carly Reid by her family. Carly was a student in the Print Futures program at Douglas College and knew she had found her calling in writing. Carly gained compassion towards others with disabilities through the pain she faced while living with scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease. The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward students living with a disease or disability who demonstrate similar characteristics to Carly. In 2014, the Print Futures program became the Professional Communication Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) program and the fund details were updated to reflect this change. Preference will be given to students enrolled in either the Professional Communication PDD program or the Nursing program.



Stagecraft & Event Technology

IATSE Local 118 Stagecraft Award

The IATSE Local 118 Stagecraft Award was established in 2006 by International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees of the United States and Canada Local 118. The award supports and recognizes students who have financial need and are enrolled in the Stagecraft program at Douglas College. Founded in 1904, IATSE Local 118 is the labour union supplying technicians, stagehands, artisans and craftspeople to the Greater Vancouver entertainment industry, including live theatre, rock and roll, and trade shows, and conventions. IATSE 118 is committed to excellence and has partnered with the Foundation to extend this commitment to students in need at Douglas College.

Ineke J. Dijks & Michael C. Wilson Legacy Award

The Ineke J. Dijks & Michael C. Wilson Legacy Award was originally established, in 2010, to pay tribute to Ineke's commitment to education, her students, and her family. Upon Michael's retirement from Douglas College, his name was added to the title in honour of his long career and commitment to students and education. Ineke began her post secondary education later in life after moving to Canada in the 1970's. She was successful in obtaining a Master's Degree in Geography from Queen's University and won a national award for best thesis in Canadian Regional Geography. At the time of her passing in 2009, from cancer, Ineke was enrolled in a Doctoral program and posthumously she was awarded the J. Lewis Robinson Award for meritorious service to the discipline of Geography. Michael has a Doctorate from the University of Calgary and has traveled widely, teaching at colleges and universities in Canada, the U.S., China, and Japan. Michael retired, in 2014, after several years as Chair of the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department at Douglas and was awarded the title of Faculty Emeritus in 2015. He now works as a consultant, stays in touch regularly with his colleagues, as well as past students, and continues to pursue research relating to Ice-Age animals and ancient environments.

Pearl Belleson Stagecraft Award of Distinction

The Douglas College Stagecraft Department established this award in memory of Pearl Belleson, a long-time friend and colleague who passed away in 1999. Pearl was a renowned set and costume designer who worked on several shows at Douglas College during the 1980s and 1990s. Pearl loved teaching and mentoring students - a passion she discovered while working as a designer at Douglas College. The staff and faculty who admired and respected Pearl's dedication and talent have established this award in her honour. This award is granted to a first- or second-year student enrolled in the Stagecraft Program with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Preference will be given to students who excel in their program. No application required; selection is made by Stagecraft faculty.




Dorothy Jones Theatre Award of Distinction T

he Dorothy Jones Theatre Award was created by Dorothy's colleagues to honour her upon  her retirement  from the Theatre Department. Dorothy was instrumental in the development of the Theatre Program at Douglas College and was employed by the College for almost 20 years. This award is intended for a second-year student of the Theatre program who has completed first-year Theatre at Douglas College, has a minimum GPA of 3.0 and has demonstrated performance excellence either on stage or in the classroom.No application required; selection is made by Theatre faculty.

Theatre Department Ensemble Award of Distinction

This award was created by the Douglas College Theatre Department for a student entering the second year of the Theatre Diploma program. The candidate must have completed the first year of study at Douglas College, with the intent to complete the Theatre Diploma, demonstrate exemplary behaviour as a member of the student body of the Theatre Department and of Douglas College as a whole, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. No application required; selection is made by Theatre faculty.