Curriculum Guideline

Office Practicum

Effective Date:
Course Code
OADM 1401
Office Practicum
Office Administration
Commerce & Business Administration
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
4 Weeks
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Seminar: 3 Hours Field Experience: 105 Hours Student Directed Learning: 15 Hours Total: 123 Hours
Method Of Instruction
Field Experience
Methods Of Instruction

The instructor has prepared the student for the practicum during OADM 1400.  The employer will supervise the student during the three-week practicum period.  The instructor will monitor the student’s progress through email, telephone communication and/or personal visitations with the student and his or her supervisor.

Course Description
This course enables the student, during a three-week practicum, to apply and develop knowledge and skills in an office environment that are specific to the chosen Office Administration field. The student will maintain a journal and present an oral report to peers and faculty.
Course Content
  1. Office etiquette and interpersonal skills with continuing emphasis on professional appearance and conduct.
  2. Office administration skills.
  3. Journal of work experience detailing the development of both transferable and program specific skills.  Students reflect on specific skills used successfully and skills that need further development.
  4. Oral report to peers, faculty and other interested parties.
Learning Outcomes

The learner has demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Complete three weeks of office work experience in order to:
    • develop knowledge and skills of the business office as it relates to her/his Office Administration Program specialty area
    • confirm possible career interests
    • increase confidence in her/his ability to perform efficiently and effectively and be accepted in an office environment
    • gain experience in an office environment


  2. Maintain a journal throughout the work experience period which details the development of both transferable and program specific skills

  3. Present an oral report to peers, faculty and other interested parties.

Means of Assessment

The student will receive a grade of MASTERY when ALL of the following are achieved:

  1. Successful completion of on-the-job experience as evaluated by work supervisor and instructor.
  2. Satisfactory completion of journal of the work experience.
  3. Satisfactory completion of oral report.
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students


Information package


Successful completion of all program-specific courses with a C- or better