Curriculum Guideline

Job Search

Effective Date:
Course Code
OADM 1400
Job Search
Office Administration
Commerce & Business Administration
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
15 weeks x 3 hours per week = 45 hours
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Lecture: 2 hours Seminar: 1 hour
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

The instructor will use short lectures and modeling to introduce new concepts and behaviours.  Videos and speakers may be incorporated into the course.  Role plays will be used to simulate employment interviews.  A video camera may be used to facilitate self- and peer-assessment.

Course Description
This final semester course is designed to prepare Office Administration students for a three-week office experience/practicum and for continued success in a business environment. Students will prepare a professional portfolio, research employment opportunities, prepare and apply for jobs, undertake a job interview and evaluate their own performance in the job application process. During this course, the student will apply job search techniques to searching for a practicum placement. Note: The student must take this course during the final semester.
Course Content
  1. Prepare a self-assessment of needs, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, interests and skills.
  2. Articulate short- to long-term career goals.
  3. Prepare a portfolio which evidences the student’s skills, education, and qualifications.
  4. Profile employment opportunities that will meet one’s needs including salary/benefits, location, size, national or international, union or non-union, and travel opportunities.
  5. Use a variety of sources to generate a list of prospective employers.
  6. Develop and professionally use effective marketing strategies to promote oneself in writing, in person, and on the telephone.
  7. Create targeted letters of application, resumes, and thank you letters which are attractive, accurate, and persuasive.
  8. Develop a plan and tracking mechanism for contacting and following up on prospective employers.
  9. Prepare and practice for successful interview performance.
  10. Evaluate job offers based on established career goals, budgetary needs, and employer profile.
Learning Outcomes

The learner has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Assess self and set career goals;
  2. Prepare an employment portfolio;
  3. Prepare and apply for a job;
  4. Undertake a job interview;
  5. Evaluate his/her performance in the job application process; and
  6. Search for a suitable practicum placement.
Means of Assessment
Student Portfolio  20%
Interview Role Play  30%
Letter of Application and Resume  20%
Theory Test on Concepts  20%
Employability Skills (criterion based)   10%
Total 100%
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students

Guffey, Mary Ellen and Brendan Nagle.  Essentials of Business Communication, Latest Canadian Ed., ITP
                Nelson.  (Text also used in OADM 1240.) – used at instructor’s discretion

or other textbooks and materials as approved by the department.

Which Prerequisite