Private Lessons (Secondary) III

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Course Code
MUSC 2351
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered


Course Description
Students will receive individual instruction in voice, on an instrument, or in composition. Performance lessons include repertoire, technical requirements, sight reading, and other skills. In composition lessons, the development of the student’s skills will be guided on an individual basis.
Course Content

For composition students:

Composition students will be expected to complete at least one composition and will be expected to have a premiere performance of at least one piece.The student will be required to demonstrate a capacity to write sketches and shorter works in a variety of styles and instrumental genres.

For performance students:

These represent sample requirements.  Depending on the level of the student, repertoire, technique and sight reading will be adjusted appropriately.

  1. Technique
    • Wind Instruments
      • Scales:
        • major, minor (natural, harmonic and melodic), and chromatic (beginning on any note)
        • two octaves where possible
        • articulations:  
          • all tongued
          • slur 2
          • slur 2, tongue 2
          • tongue 2, slur 2
          • slur 4
      • Arpeggios: 
        • same as for scales
    • Keyboard (piano, organ, harpsichord)
      All sharp majors and their relative harmonic and melodic minors
      • Scales: to be played four octaves hands together
      • Chords: to be played in four note form, hands separately, solid and broken. Dominant sevenths to be played solid and broken.  Diminished sevenths to be played solid and broken.
      • Arpeggios: to be played in root position, hands together, two octaves including major, minor, diminished seventh and dominant seventh
      • Chord Progressions: included at the discretion of the instructor
    • Guitar (nylon string, steel string, and/or electric), Electric Bass Guitar, and Lute
      • Scales:
        • Major, minor, modal and other scale forms, ascending and descending, at the discretion of the instructor and in consideration of the style being studied
      • Arpeggios, cadences and chord progressions:
        • at the discretion of the instructor and in consideration of the style being studied
    • Voice
      • Technique of posture and breathing
      • Diction: proper use of vowels and consonants
      • Vocal exercises
      • Considerable emphasis to be placed on vowel alignment
    • Percussion and/or Drum Set
      • Snare Drum:  
        • All 26 rudiments from National Association of Rudimental Drummers plus materials from selected text Goldenberg: Modern School for Snare Drum.
      • Mallet instruments:
        • Scales: All major and natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales and chromatic scales
        • Arpeggios: All major and minor keys, two octaves
        • Selected etudes from Goldenberg: Modern School for Xylophone
        Drum Set:
        • Various styles and rhythms, at the discretion of the instructor
    •     String Instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
      • Scales  
        • all major and minor (melodic) keys
        • two octaves
        • two and four notes per bow
      • Arpeggios 
        • all major and minor keys
        • two octaves
        • separate bows
  2. Studies, Etudes or Exercises
    • To be selected at the discretion of the instructor.
  3. Repertoire
    • At least two pieces to be selected by the instructor in consultation with the student.  Stylistic variety will be considered.
  4. Sight Reading (Instruments only)
    • Materials of appropriate complexity in terms of key, rhythm, range and style are to be selected by the instructor. The student will demonstrate accuracy and an understanding of musical features and characteristics.
  5. Other Materials
    • May be introduced at the discretion of the instructor.   Examples include orchestral excerpts, special techniques, transposition, improvisation, etc
  6. Performance
    • Students may perform in student recitals and/or masterclasses during the semester, with instructor permission.
Methods Of Instruction

The student will receive one-half hour of private instruction per week for 12 weeks and will be expected to practice adequately as specified by the instructor.

Means of Assessment

The grade will be calculated by the instructor on the basis of weekly achievement in the various aspects of the course. This will be recorded by the instructor at the conclusion of each lesson.  Factors to be considered are progress, attendance, punctuality, musicianship and completion of minimum requirements.

Learning Outcomes

The successful performance student will learn the interpretation and performance of repertoire, technical requirements and sight reading as outlined in the Course Content.

The successful composition student will develop compositional skills as outlined in the Course Content.

Textbook Materials

The instructor will recommend suitable materials.




Full Music Diploma program or full Music Technology program, and faculty permission.


No equivalent courses.

Course Guidelines

Course Guidelines for previous years are viewable by selecting the version desired. If you took this course and do not see a listing for the starting semester / year of the course, consider the previous version as the applicable version.

Course Transfers

Institution Transfer Details Effective Dates
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) KPU MUSI 2355 (1) 2004/09/01 to -
Simon Fraser University (SFU) Any 2 of DOUG MUSC 1151 (1) or DOUG MUSC 1251 (1) or DOUG MUSC 2351 (1) or DOUG MUSC 2451 (1) = SFU CA 1XX (1) 2004/09/01 to -
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) TRU MUSI 2XXX (3) 2010/09/01 to -
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) TRU MUSI 2XX (3) 2004/09/01 to 2010/08/31
University of British Columbia - Vancouver (UBCV) DOUG MUSC 2351 (1) & DOUG MUSC 2451 (1) = UBCV MUSC 271 (2) 2004/09/01 to -
University of Northern BC (UNBC) No credit 2004/09/01 to -
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) UFV GE 1XX (1) 2004/09/01 to -
University of Victoria (UVIC) DOUG MUSC 2351 (1) & DOUG MUSC 2451 (1) = UVIC MUS 141 (1) 2004/09/01 to 2014/08/31
University of Victoria (UVIC) UVIC MUS 143 (0.5) 2014/09/01 to -

Course Offerings

Fall 2021

There aren't any scheduled upcoming offerings for this course.