Warehouse Work Practicum

Applied Community Studies
Warehouse Training
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LWTP 0106
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Course Description
The student will undergo a two week unpaid work practicum in a warehouse or distribution centre to gain valuable on site practical experience, and to put into practice the theories learned throughout the course. The student may choose their site but will be expected to work in a warehouse type setting and demonstrate that he/she is fully prepared to join the workforce.
Course Content
  • On-site work experience in which the student will be evaluated by college staff and site staff on their ability to function efficiently and effectively in this work environment.
  • College staff and site supervisors will evaluate the student on reliability, safety, adequate production, and ability to develop new skills and teamwork.
Methods Of Instruction
  • Supervision and mentoring by designated staff at the sponsoring site.
  • Regular visits as required by college staff to liaise with site supervisor and student.
Means of Assessment
  • At least once per week meetings with student, designated site supervisor, and Douglas College staff to evaluate the progress of the student.
  • Designated site supervisor to complete once per week an evaluation form from Douglas College to include such things as reliability, efficiency, safety, ability to take feedback, and teamwork.
Learning Outcomes
  • The student will spend three weeks in a work setting, learning the day-to-day work of the warehouse and demonstrating a good understanding of the job expectations in this field.
  • The student will demonstrate good work ethics and earn a good reference from the sponsoring site.
Textbook Materials

Nil Topic relevant material will be provided in handout form throughout the course.



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