Curriculum Guideline

Event Management

Effective Date:
Course Code
HOSP 2465
Event Management
Hospitality Management
Commerce & Business Administration
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
15 Weeks X 4 Hours per Week = 60 Hours
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Lecture: 2 Hours Seminar: 2 Hours Total: 4 Hours
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

To achieve the course objectives, a combination of lecture and event planning labs will be used.

Course Description
This course focuses on the skills required to plan and execute a major event which may include food and beverage, entertainment, a meeting, a show such as a fashion show or automobile show or other similar event content. Students will study the theory behind event planning and execution. Students will also engage in planning and executing a major event in order to experience first hand the challenges and rewards associated with executing special events.
Course Content
  • Develop an event theme and style
  • Develop an event execution plan
  • Organize and execute an event marketing plan
  • Participate in event team projects
  • Organize an event budget
  • Prepare event cash management and control systems including banking arrangements
  • Prepare an event purchasing system
  • Develop a personnel plan and organization chart
  • Evaluate potential event venues and arrange contract for same
  • Participate in a 3rd party organized event
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the successful student will be able to:


  • Articulate the key elements of event planning
  • Describe how events are marketed
  • Understand the event manager’s role
  • Explore the sub fields in event management
  • Discuss the five critical stages of an event
  • Describe how to administer each stage
  • Articulate the importance of communication in event management
  • Define synergy and its role in event management
  • Create the event budget
  • Control accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Establish a purchase order system
  • Arrange cash controls and banking procedures
  • Use the time line production schedule to organize time
  • Prepare an organization chart for event workers and management
  • Prepare job descriptions for event workers and management
  • Prepare an evaluation process to examine the performance of workers and management
  • Evaluate potential event venues and select the most appropriate venue
  • Negotiate the contract for the venue rental
  • Arrange for and negotiate the contract for any required furniture fixtures and equipment
  • Arrange liquor licensing where necessary
  • Arrange transportation as required
  • Execute an event
  • Create a post mortem report inclusive of financial, variances, performance/service standard analysis and guest feedback.
Means of Assessment
Mandatory Event Participation                  30%
Tests (Maximum 3) 20% - 30%
Group Project          20%
Assignments (Maximum 3) 10% - 30%
Total         100%
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students


Selection from:


Goldblatt, Dr. Joe Jeff.  Special Events, Best Practices in Modern Event Management, Latest ed.   John Wiley & Sons.




Van Der Wagen, Lynn.  Event Management For Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sporting Events, Latest ed.  Pearson.




Allen, Judy.  Event Planning, Latest ed.  John Wiley and Sons.


HOSP 1115 and HOSP 2330 and HOSP 2255 and HOSP 2430

The following may be taken as corequisites:  HOSP 2255 and HOSP 2330 and HOSP 2430.