Curriculum Guideline

Beverage Management

Effective Date:
Course Code
HOSP 2255
Beverage Management
Hospitality Management
Commerce & Business Administration
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
15 Weeks X 4 Hours per Week = 60 Hours
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Lecture: 2 Hours Seminar: 2 Hours Total: 4 Hours
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction
  • Lecture/Discussion/Seminar
  • Field trips
  • Labs
Course Description
This course is an overview of the wine, liquor and beer industry as it pertains to the operation and management of a beverage service facility. The course provides a systematic approach to beverage knowledge and operations with emphasis on management, operational controls and the basic skills necessary to assist in a bar operation.
Course Content


  • "Serving it Right" Server certification
  • The manufacturing process of wine, beer and spirits.
  • Management practices for an effective beverage service operation, with emphasis on directing, supervising, scheduling, disciplining and controlling.
  • Wine production, classification, service and pairings
  • Marketing and merchandising strategies in the beverage department
  • Effective bar operation and management



  • Proper use of bar tools, equipment and glassware.
  • Preparation and service of a variety of cocktails using these methods.
  • Proper wine service.
  • How to taste and analyze wine.              
Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify the physical components of a beverage operation including the bar itself, and the equipment, tools, staff and ambience and layout considerations
  • Define and classify various types of spirits, liqueurs, wines and beers
  • Prepare and serve different kinds of beers, wines, mixed drinks and spirits common to bar operations in appropriate glassware and garnish
  • Explain the  production process of alcoholic beverages
  • Describe the role, function and activities of marketing within the beverage department
  • Describe BC Liquor law and regulations and the principles of responsible beverage service
  • Develop, plan, and evaluate beverage menus and wine lists
  • Define the role of management within the beverage department
  • Communicate the principles and procedures involving purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing and inventory of alcoholic beverages
Means of Assessment
Attendance/Participation   0% - 10%
Assignments       10% - 20%
Quizzes 20% - 40%
Labs/Demos 20% - 40%
Total         100%




Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students:


Albert W.A. Schmidt . The Hospitality Managers Guide to Wines, Beers and Spirits.


Morelli, Carmine. A Guide to Bartending Recipes.


or similar material as approved by department.


Only calculators approved by Faculty of Commerce and Business may be used on tests and exams.


HOSP 1145 and HOSP 1235 or currently active in the:
PDD in Hospitality Management or
PDD Hospitality Marketing or 
PBD Hospitality Services Management.