Curriculum Guideline

Client Server Systems

Effective Date:
Course Code
CSIS 3540
Client Server Systems
Commerce & Business Administration
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
15 Weeks X 4 Hours per Week = 60 Hours
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Lecture: 2 Hours per week Seminar/Lab: 2 Hours per week Total: 4 Hours per week
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

Lecture, seminar, and hands-on projects

Course Description
This course will provide the student with practical knowledge of developing and implementing database applications. The student will learn Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server using ADO .NET. Topics will include DDL, DML, host based processing, designing queries and using commands, stored procedures, triggers, and extensive coverage of ADO .NET. Along with the coverage of database access using SQL Server, these topics will be covered: XML and XML integration with ADO .NET. The course will use Visual Basic .NET to build database applications.
Included in this course will be extensive documentation and verbal communication skills required to succeed in the development process.
Note: Students who have received credit for CISY 3540 will not receive further credit by taking CSIS 3540.
Course Content
  1. Introduction to client server computing
  2. SQL Server environment
  3. DDL and MDL
  4. Stored procedures and triggers
  5. Connecting to SQL server with VB .NET
  6. Work with ADO data sets
  7. Conflict resolution in a programming environment
  8. Effective communication with team members
  9. Documentation process during the programming phase
Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  1. explain differences between client server and traditional database;
  2. explain and demonstrate the use of environment;
  3. demonstrate the use of a VB .NET to build a client server application;
  4. demonstrate the use of ADO .NET within the application;
  5. describe ADO data providers, datasets, data adapters, connections;
  6. explain the basic concepts of reading/writing XML;
  7. explain how XML is incorporated in the .NET environment;
  8. demonstrate the use of SQL Server incorporated with VB .NET;
  9. demonstrate the documentation process of building an application;
  10. explain the uses and purpose of work related documentation;
  11. work with team members and understand the communication process that occurs during the implementation phase of the development life cycle.
Means of Assessment
Assignments/Projects (Minimum: 3)       30% - 50%
Participation     0% - 5%
Test/Quizzes (Minimum: 2)  25% - 40%
Final Examination  25% - 30%
Total         100%
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students

Morrison. Creating SQL Server 2005 Applications with Visual Studio. Latest Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall.


(CSIS 2300 or CISY 2300) and (CSIS 1175 or CISY 1165 or CMPT 1101)