Curriculum Guideline

Assessment and Intake

Effective Date:
Course Code
CSCT 0100
Assessment and Intake
Customer Service & Cashier Training
Applied Community Studies
Start Date
End Term
Not Specified
Semester Length
Maximum duration 1 month.
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Hours will vary from 10 – 20 depending on student needs.
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

Interview/ discussion/ one-on-one instruction

Course Description
This course is designed to assist adults with an employment barrier in taking the necessary preparatory steps to enter the full-time CSCT program. The course enables students to make informed decisions about entering the program and assists students to achieve success in the program. This is a required course taken by students prior to entrance into other CSCT programs.
Course Content
  1. Meeting eligibility criteria:
    • interview with instructor
    • reading program publicity
    • demonstrating motivation
    • identifying goals
    • demonstrating basic literacy and math skills
  2. Decision making and implementing the decision:
    • making decision to participate in the CSCT program
    • contacting the instructor, funding agencies or medical practitioner
  3. Securing funding:
    • identifying funding source
    • applying for the best source of funding
    • confirming funding and notifying appropriate persons
  4. Making applications:
    • identifying forms which need to be completed (intake, funding, registration, etc.)
    • completing forms and submitting them
    • provide copies of transcripts and assessments
    • procedures to ensure that all steps are completed
  5. Following through
    • communicating with appropriate people as procedures are completed
    • determine appropriate steps around transportation plans and childcare arrangements
Learning Outcomes
  1. Students to gain an understanding of the objectives and content of the CSCT program
  2. Students to make an informed decision and commitment to entering the program
  3. Students to demonstrate the ability to deal with and benefit from the CSCT program content
  4. Students to take the necessary steps leading to acceptance and registration in the program
  5. Students to secure funding as needed
  6. Students to provide documentation as needed.


Means of Assessment

A student will have completed the course when he/she has participated at the required level in course activities designed to meet the course objectives.