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This website will provide you with the information needed to obtain Ethics approval for your research proposal. Please ensure that you consult the College Policies on research so that you are familiar with the College and funding agency policy requirements related to your research.

Research Ethics Board (REB) Mandate

  • The mandate of the REB is to ensure that ethical principles are applied to all research involving human subjects.
  • It has a role to educate researchers and to review and monitor research proposals and projects.
  • It serves as a consultative body on research ethics and to assist in educating employees about research ethics.
  • It has the responsibility for independent multidisciplinary review of research proposals to determine if they meet ethical requirements and to approve them to be initiated or continue.

Research policies at the college

All research activities associated with the College must receive appropriate College approval prior to commencement, i.e.,  no research or other study involving human subjects, animals, biological hazards or radioactive materials, or having any environmental impact may be undertaken unless approval has been given by the appropriate body: Research Ethics Board (human subjects), College Animal Care Committee (animals) or the Dean or Associate Dean, Science & Technology (biohazards, radioactive materials or environmental impact).

See list below for policies relevant to the conduct of research and scholarly activity at Douglas College (Administration Policies).

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Commercialization of Intellectual Property
  • Integrity in Research and Scholarship 
  • Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans 
  • Records and Information Management

The Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) has developed an online introductory tutorial on the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2).  (Research involving humans.) It is self-administered and publicly available via PRE's website. For access to the tutorial, go to:

Contact the Office of the Vice President, Academic and Provost if you are engaging in the following kinds of research:

  • Research/teaching with animals: You must submit your proposal to the Animal Care Committee for approval. Please review the Terms of Reference for the committee. The last page provides a framework for a submission to this committee.
  • Research that has environmental impacts
  • Research involving biohazards or radioactive material

Research ethics forms & resources

The information below includes the necessary forms needed for research approval by the REB, as well as relevant resources for those interested in applying for approval, or wanting to learn more.


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