Standing Committee on Educational Excellence - Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


The Educational Excellence Committee is a standing committee of the Education Council at Douglas College. Under the amended Colleges and Institutes Act (1996), Education Council is charged with "setting criteria for awards recognizing academic excellence" (24.2 (d)). The purpose of this committee is to fulfill this obligation by fostering a culture of recognition of student excellence throughout the College.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Educational Excellence Committee

The Committee:

  1. Reviews and recommends to Education Council revision of criteria for student academic excellence awards (these awards would complement bursaries, awards and scholarships offered through the Douglas College Foundation).
  2. Manages the award of excellence process as follows:
    1. circulates information on the award in a timely manner;
    2. solicits nominations for the award;
    3. reviews nominations and documentation, as required;
    4. selects and recommends to Education Council candidate(s) for the awards.
  3. Collaborates with the appropriate departments to publish and promote the recipients(s), upon endorsement by Education Council and approval by SMT.
  4. Serves, as required by external agencies, as the College's nomination committee for external student awards of excellence
    1. receives and circulates information on the awards in a timely manner;
    2. receives nominations and documentation for the awards;
    3. selects candidate(s) for nomination;
    4. submits nomination(s) with appropriate signatures;
    5. publishes the list of award recipients;
    6. performs other tasks related to award distribution and recognition.


The Committee includes 5-7 members, and reflects the balance and diversity of members on Education Council:

  • two to three faculty members, reflecting various areas of the college;
  • one staff member and/or one administrator;
  • one to two students

Membership must include a representative from Education Council.

Members will serve a two-year term, and can elect to serve subsequent terms.


The chairperson is elected annually by the Committee members.


The Education Council representative reports to Education Council and submits recommendations. Current minutes of the Educational Excellence Committee are held by the Educational Excellence Chair and historical records are kept with the Education Council secretary. The chairperson will present a report of the committee's activities annually, according to Education Council by-laws.


A quorum is a simple majority of the current membership.

Revised: November 2016