Standing Committee on Admissions and Language Competency Standards - Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

This Committee is responsible for reviewing admission requirements and procedures and language competency standards as determined by Faculty/Department Education Committees and formulating recommendations to Education Council. In addition, it is responsible for recommending changes to policy guidelines regarding admission and English language competency standards for all courses and programs.


The Committee on behalf of Education Council will:

  • Ensure a minimum standard for admission to College programs and courses is established that shall take into account the available time and resources within which the student and the College are expected to meet their mutual obligations. Within this limitation, the minimum admission standard is expected to identify as eligible the largest possible number of students. The concept of admission standards recognizes that, given that these are the minimum requirements necessary for reasonable success in a given program or course, there may be fewer students admitted than the capacity of the program or course.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on admission and English language competency standards.
  • Ensure that an entry level language competency standard permits students to communicate in English with sufficient ability to complete anticipated coursework successfully and is consistent with the program/course content.
  • Ensure that exit level language competency standards permit students to communicate in English with sufficient ability to handle future work-related and/or education-related communication tasks successfully.
  • Refer matters of disagreement between departments and the Committee to Education Council.


The Committee is composed of faculty representatives from each Faculty/Department, the Associate Registrar, Recruitment and Admissions, one staff representative, one student and the Registrar. All members are voting members, except for the Chair. The Registrar or Associate Registrar will act as Chair and the Registrar will act as formal liaison to Education Council.

The Chair of Education Council is responsible for the appointment of the student representative. The student representative will serve for a one-year period and may be appointed for subsequent terms.

Each Faculty may appoint a minimum of one representative and a maximum of two.

The Dean/Director of each Faculty/Department is responsible for the election or appointment of individuals to serve on the Committee. Each member will serve for a 2 year period and may be appointed to subsequent terms. The Dean may also appoint one alternate for each faculty committee member.


Access to the Committee will be through the Faculty/Department Education Committees. The agenda will be determined by the Chair.

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting, agenda and related documents will be distributed to the members not less than seven days prior to the next meeting.
  2. A quorum will be deemed to exist if at least 50 percent of the minimum number of voting members is in attendance.
  3. All items sent to the Committee for decision must be tabled with the Chair no later than two weeks prior to the meeting at which the items are considered.
  4. Submissions submitted for consideration must be presented in the following manner. The Chair reserves the right to request that a proposal be re-submitted to conform to the guidelines indicated below.
    1. The submission must describe, as specifically as possible, the program or course curricular requirements which necessitate restricted admissions criteria or language competency standards.
    2. If the proposal constitutes a change to an existing requirement, the submission should highlight the changes only. In addition, the proposal must describe the consequences the new criteria will have for the program and/or the students.
    3. The submission must specify what methods will be used to determine if the criteria meet the objectives intended.
    4. The length of a submission is dependent on the criteria and questions should be addressed to the Chair.
  5. The Registrar will present recommendations to the monthly meetings of Education Council with a brief synopsis of the previous meeting's business.
  6. Meetings are scheduled once a month. Members are expected to attend all meetings.