Lockdown procedures

A lockdown of campus buildings is an emergency procedure to secure and protect you in an immediate threat such as a violent intruder.

The lockdown procedure is used when it may be more dangerous to evacuate the building than to remain inside. By controlling entrances and exits, emergency personnel are better able to resolve a threat.

A lockdown alert may be issued through our public alert system, DC Alerts (text, email, voice messaging), campus security, floor wardens or a campus administrator.

When you receive a lockdown alert:

  • Get to a secure area
    • Stay in or quickly go to the nearest office, room, field base, classroom or lab.
    • Quickly warn others nearby.
    • Do not hide in or use washrooms.
    • Do not assemble in large open areas (e.g. cafeterias)
    • Immediately lock and barricade all doors with furniture or heavy objects.
    • Close and lock windows.
    • Close blinds/cover windows.
    • Turn off all lights and audio equipment.
    • Move away from doors and windows. Stay low to make yourself less visible.
    • Turn your cell phone to silent mode. Do not make non-essential calls.
    • If you send text messages, do not communicate misinformation.
    • Stay quiet and try to remain calm.
  • Stay in your place of shelter
    • Do not leave your place of shelter or open your door until you have been advised it is safe to do so by police, emergency response personnel, campus security or campus administrators.
    • If the fire alarm sounds, do not leave unless advised to do so by police, emergency response personnel, campus security or administrators or unless you detect fire.

Sheltering in an open area

  • If you are in an open area and cannot exit, put an obstacle or barrier in front of yourself for concealment and protection. Use desks, tables, chairs, bookcases or other furniture or equipment. Stay as low as possible behind the barrier.
  • If the violent intruder is causing harm or injury to others nearby and you can not run or hide, you may choose to play dead, lying as still as possible.
  • If you are exposed to the violent intruder and certain you are about to be harmed, you may choose to use force to attempt to overpower and disarm the intruder. This is extremely dangerous and should only be done as a last resort.

Police response and termination of lockdown

  • When the police arrive, their priority is to arrest the intruder as quickly as possible. When the intruder is arrested, police will coordinate with administration and campus security to terminate the lockdown.
  • Cooperate with instructions given by emergency response personnel and college authorities upon termination of a lockdown.

Information updates after a lockdown

  • When able to do so, college administration will communicate with employees and students.
  • Information will be broadcast through DC Alerts (text/SMS, voice message, e-mail), posted on the College website, email and press releases.
  • Information will be available on the College Info Line: 1 877 679 0823.
  • If you are approached by the media, refer all Douglas College related media questions to the Associate Vice President, Public Affairs.

Lockdown videos

For more detailed information on what to do during a lockdown on campus, watch our lockdown preparation video. The tutorial video on crash bar door locks is also helpful in case you need to lock a campus door from the inside.